Impacting the Communities We Serve

With decades of experience, across all marketing channels, our staff provides world class consultation and support to businesses in our communities. Through innovation and continual investment in our expertise, we are committed to being on the forefront in the ever progressing field of media and marketing. Our goal is to aid businesses in reaching their goals. Here are some of the people ready to help you grow your business today:

  • Joe Calchi
    Joe Calchi
    President & Publisher
  • Robin Adams
    Robin Adams
    Advertising Manager
  • Peggy Gentile
    Peggy Gentile
    Media Solutions Specialist
  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith
    Key Account Executive
  • Salita DeMary
    Salita DeMary
    Account Executive
  • Jenna Shalkowski
    Jenna Shalkowski
    Account Executive
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