Nuestra Comunidad

Nuestra Comunidad is a free, Spanish language weekly with 12,000 pieces distributed every Friday in select high traffic communities in Southern New Jersey. This colorful, weekly tab section focuses on local news, information and advertising vital to the growing Hispanic community. Nuestra Comunidad is the Latino voice of Southern New Jersey.

The Latino population in South Jersey is significant and growing. The 2000 U.S. Census counted more than 30,000 Hispanics in Cumberland County.

  • The Hispanic population in Cumberland County has grown 52% in the past decade and is expected to continue to grow. In Vineland alone, Hispanic population has grown 27%.
  • There are large Hispanic communities in the market, including Vineland (30% of the city’s population), Bridgeton (25%) and Millville (10%).
  • Newspaper readership among Hispanics has increased since 1997 with a high interest in local news, sports, personal finance, sporting events and advertising.*

US Census 2000 * A Study of Changing American Media Usage Habits, NAA 2000

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