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Welcomed into the homes of our readers, more than 30,000 adults in Cumberland County read The Daily Journal every day. Their commitment of time and money creates a level of engagement few other sources enjoy. That’s just one reason a recent survey of 5,000 U.S. consumers found that newspapers scored highest of all media on overall engagement , including metrics such as “usually notice ads” and “likely to purchase.”

 It’s not surprising then that more than 192,000 adults read The Daily Journal each week and thousands more access and our other digital platforms each month.

 In addition to the full distribution of The Daily Journal, targeted audiences and business needs are met with zoned offers and targeted options for specific communities.

 As the leader in local news, no source dedicates more resources to delivering more news to more people across more channels. The local news, sports, business and features content provides an excellent environment for businesses, products and services to each a quality audience in the right context.

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